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Product Name Trichloromethane
Product Category Chemicals » Inorganic Chemical Materials » Alkali
Product Keyword Trichloromethane ; CHC13 ;
Product Origin China [CN]

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The molecular formula of trichloromethane CHC13, molecular weight 119.378 .

This product is in conformity with the stipulations of Q/321200GDH012-2001.For details:
the specification  please  reference  the picture

Chloroform is a colourless, transparent and
easy volatile liquid, slight sweet, specific density
1.489, m.p.-63.2℃ , b.p.61.3℃, not easy combustion,
soluble in water slightly, soluble ethanol,
ethoxyethane, benzene and prtroleum ether, etc.
Under the reaction of light, it can be oxidized by
oxygen in air to produce hydrogen chloride and
hypertoxic carbonyl chloride. Usually <0.1% of ethanol
is added into it in order to make the produced
carbonyl chloride reacts with ethanol to form ethyl
carbonate, so the toxicity is eliminated.

Chloroform is mainly used to make difiuorochlorometh-
ane(F22), a fiuoro-refrigerant, and also
used as solvent for fat, resin, rubber, phosphorus
and iodonation. In medicine, it is used a extraction,
solvent and anaesthetic.

Chloroform is packaged with galvanized iron dium,
black iron dium or tank that should be sealed. It isfilling
coeffieiency should not be more than 0.8.
This product should be kept in cool, dry and ventilation
place. When storage and transportation, it should
be in conformity with relevant stipulations of railway and
highway transportation for dangerous goods, ER.China
when package, storage, transportation it should be
checked if the cover of container is close and the container
has leaage.