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Industrial Sodium Hydroxide

Industrial Sodium Hydroxide Image, Sodium Photo, Industrial Sodium Picture

Product Name Industrial Sodium Hydroxide
Product Category Chemicals » Inorganic Chemical Materials » Alkali
Product Keyword Industrial Sodium Hydroxide ; Sodium ; Industrial Sodium
Product Origin China [CN]

Industrial Sodium Hydroxide Description » Recommend

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The molecular formula NaOH, molecular weight 40.00.

This product should be in conformity with the stipulating of GB209-93. For details, it is listed below:
the specification  please  reference  the picture


Sodium hydroxide liquid has strong basicity
and strong corrsive to skin, fibre and paper,
etc. It can easy absorb carbon deoxide from air
to become sodium carborate gradually. Sodium
hydroxide can take place neutralization with acids
to form a lot of salts.

Caustic soda is one of important basic
chemical raw material in national economy. It is
wide used in basic chemical industry such as
soap-making, paper-making, dyeing and print-ing, textile, glass ceramics, medicine, dyestuff, metallic products
basic chemical and other organic synthetic industry. It can also
be used for producing pesticide, leath-making and refining of
petroleum and animal or vegetable oil, etc.

When industrial sodium hydroxide liquid is twice loaded
with tanker or tank, it should be cleaned. When transportation, it
should prevent from impact.
Sodium hydroxide for industry use has strong corrosiveness.
When operation, it is necessary to wear protective glasses
and rubber glove, etc labour protective articles.